Tenant development – quickly & flexibly

HEIKAUS plans and implements – across all crafts! This ensures execution of the entire interior development in compliance with all details, schedules and costs.

Your advantages


We see tenant development from a holistic point of view

We plan, build and coordinate your tenant development project in a 3-level process up to where your object is ready for you to move in. As a general contractor, we will support you in all matters.

Consulting &

No matter if you are dealing with a new building, are first moving in, moving to a different location or expanding – as a general contractor, HEIKAUS represents professional full service. We will even support you in contract processing if desired.

Speed and effectiveness are particularly relevant in the commercial area. Time equals money, and vacancies equal loss.

Authorities, centre management, experts, specialist engineers, etc.: we take care of all the approvals you need for tenant development.

You can decide in how far you want to use our services.

Save time and resources

  • Analyses
  • Contract processing
  • Approval procedures
Heikaus steht Ihnen bei Vertragsabwicklungen zur Seite
Wir planen und designen jeden Schritt des Mieterausbaus

Planning & design

Design and technical details often must be coordinated precisely and implemented accurately in projects. The more detailed the advantage plans, the faster, more efficient and cost-efficient can tenant development be put into practice later.

The close cooperation between all crafts therefore is of great advantage even during design development. We develop all the execution and detail plans relevant for implementation. Your work processes will be coordinated perfectly with your room design in the planning phase already.

In order to support you in coming to a decision, we will present both material collections and visualised 3D plans of the room design for your tenant development.

HEIKAUS creates optimised processes

  • Room design
  • Detail planning
  • Execution planning

Execution &

When charged as a general contractor, HEIKAUS is assigned full responsibility for the project and will take care of all arising tasks.

Crafts-comprehensive calculations and scheduling. Execution, coordination and control of all services and work up to timely completion. Continuous reporting on the project status.

You have a single competent contact who will take care of all your needs throughout the construction phase.

Beyond this, we will take care of TÜV, centre or municipal acceptance processes for tenant development. You can focus fully on opening then.


Kontrolle und Umsetzung des Mieterausbaus


Turn-key handover

We have implemented more than 4000 projects in the last 40 years. This covered many industries in the food and non-food areas.

Rely on a competent and experienced team for tenant development and work planning.


Your advantages

Our site-comprehensive consistent organisation structure and our process-oriented project control ensure our quality standard in all areas of tenant development.

Profit from 40 years of experience in and outside of the country. Profit from optimal time and quality management.


Our customers

As a general contractor, we represent greatest reliability, maximum quality and innovation in terms of tenant development. Many customers in various industries around the world have already been able to see this for themselves.


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Trust in the many years of experience of an experienced team of designers and craftspeople specialising in turn-key tenant development.

We will take the time to get to know you and to understand your vision and your goal.

Make your choice and come to a decision! Heikaus will accompany you on this path!

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