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Commercial tenant development -
quick, flexible, economically efficient.

You as the landlord, as well as your tenants, want to have binding costs to use in your calculations. HEIKAUS will provide a customised, binding cost estimate for your tenant development. We will compile fixed-price catalogues for you on request.

Our experienced project management teams enable us to manage even complex tasks very quickly and professionally on short notice. Deadline-compliance, economic efficiency and budget-compliance are always at the focus here.

Our services
One partner
for all services.

HEIKAUS is your competent partner for all construction measures.

Whether you are charging an architect or whether we are planning architecture for you doesn’t matter at all. We can take care of work planning as well as approval planning anywhere in Europe. Design is at the focus for us, along with economically efficient implementation of your tenant development.

It’s all we’ve been doing for 40 years! Your advantages are clear.

No matter if you are first moving in, moving to a different location or expanding – as a general contractor for turn-key tenant development, we represent professional full service.

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Wir übernehmen alle Aufgaben zum Festpreis für Sie
A merger of
aesthetics &

Our interior designers and room designers will cooperate with you to develop your business concept for tenant development. HEIKAUS acts flexibly and individually. Contribute your ideas and expectations and profit from our experience.

If required, we can coordinate design planning, room design and functional requirements with your work processes. We leave nothing to chance.

Get an impression of your own.

We will visualise all drafts for you before interior design commences. Photorealistic 3D images will give you an initial idea of your commercial area.

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well-established &

All crafts for your tenant development project will be personally controlled and coordinated by our interior architects and planners. Our established teams on site work hand in hand, continually and reliably.

You as the customer can enjoy short and quick coordination paths, complete project transparency and best time and cost guarantees up to turn-key handover.

Your success is our goal.

High-quality work, trust and reliability are matters of honour for us.

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Wir setzen Ihren Mieterausbau in allen Gewerken um.


Tradition & competence

As an owner-managed company with a long tradition, HEIKAUS represents innovation, trust and quality.

You need to be comfortable to act successfully.

With the competence and experience from more than four decades in tenant development, architecture, retail and room design in and outside of the country, we can manage your project quickly, reliably and at a fixed price.

  • 7 sites around europe
  • 40 years of experience
  • 5000+ completed projects
About us


Foodland Zurich

Welcome to Zurich Airport!

With an area of approx. 800 m², the Foodland at Zurich Airport invites you to stay in a beautiful and atmospheric ambience. With different suppliers, whether KFC, Greens or the Asia-World with Asian and oriental specialities, there is something for everyone’s taste.

  • Client Foodland Zurich
  • Area 800m²
  • Country Switzerland
  • Year 2020
Project details

Kanzlei Maier

The lounge area as well as the whole office area including the corridor of the headquarters of the tax consulting company Maier in Stuttgart was to be defined and designed individually. The keywords fresh, dynamic, down-to-earth but valuable should be reflected in the architectural concept.

  • Client Kanzlei Maier
  • Area 150m²
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2020
Project details

LAGO Shopping Center

“Germany’s most attractive shopping centre” welcomes its customers! Are you looking for a unique shopping experience with a true lake feeling? The LAGO is just the place for you.” A section of the mall on the LAGO’s 1st floor has sported some unique features since August 2019 as well. The escalator to the centre’s upper floor lifts shoppers onto a new level of room design. Customised, impressive and brilliant, the refurbished section of the public area stretches before them with an overwhelming view of the new and imposing ceiling design.

  • Client LAGO Shopping Center
  • Area 350m²
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2019
Project details

Riem Arcaden – Office Mix

Germany’s leading office logistics service provider is creating a special ambience for its employees. Klaus Mix and Peter Köhnlein not only offer their customers solutions for their working worlds, but also keep their own team working in an attractive ambience. HEIKAUS implemented their open-plan office with 18 workstations at Willy-Brandt-Platz 3 in Munich in a construction time of only 4 weeks. This short period had to suffice to completely strip and re-design the area of 350 m² into a highly-functional space that keeps the entire team comfortable.

  • Client Office Mix
  • Area 350m²
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2019
Project details

Hotel Schwanen

Another room was to be planned in an architecturally attractive manner on the 250 m² of Hotel Schwanen. The target was achieving greatest diversity for many different events. Festivities, meetings and seminars alike were to use the attractive top floor from May 2019 onwards. Like the other rooms of this hotel, the “swan”, as the hotel’s namesake, was to find “its place” in the area plans and the room concept.

  • Client Hotel Schwanen
  • Area 250m²
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2019
Project details

Instone Real Estate

We designed and planned this project. The entrance as well as the lounge area of the new company site of Instone Real Estate in Stuttgart were to be redesigned and constructed individually. The keywords young, dynamic, fresh, down-to-earth but valuable should be reflected in the new architecture.

  • Client Instone Real Estate
  • Area 105m²
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2018
Project details

Starbucks Zürich Train Station

We acted as general constructor for Starbucks in this construction project and were responsible for the complete fittings of the rental object at the main railway station in Zurich. Diverse interior works were executed professionally and according to schedule within only four days. The interior concept was adapted to the CI-guidelines of Starbucks.

  • Client Starbucks
  • Area 210m²
  • Country Switzerland
  • Year 2017
Project details

Hotel Schloss Montabaur

For Hotel Schloss Montabaur, we were responsible for planning and execution of two seminar rooms. The interior development took place on 80 square metres each. It was implemented in time within only 2 ½ weeks. The seminar and meeting guests are able to use state-of-the-art technology now.

  • Client
  • Area 2x 80m²
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2017
Project details


HEIKAUS was the general contractor up to turn-key handover for tenant development at PMCS.helpLine in Bad Camberg.

We were responsible for all required crafts, from planning to design, lighting concepts and execution. Architecture and interior design were among HEIKAUS group’s tasks as well.

After the conversion, the company’s Corporate Identity and leading principle is now effectively presented in all rooms across four floors.

  • Client PMCS
  • Area 240m²
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2010
Project details

Congress centre Tashkent

Heikaus acts internationally.

HEIKAUS was charged with project management and implementation for the congress centre in Tashkent (UZB). The result is presented with an extraordinary room impression.

Exquisite materials such as genuine mother of pearl, stucco plaster, Swarovsky wallpaper, marble and ebony reinforce this impression.

The special shapes of the ceiling and the indirect lighting emphasize the room’s height and provide a feeling of generosity.

  • Client Taschkent
  • Area 800m²
  • Country Uzbekistan
  • Year 2009
Project details

ADAC phone centre

After many successful projects, tenant development of the ADAC phone centre in Stuttgart once again brought us together.

As before, HEIKAUS worked as the project-managing company and took care of all tasks arising for the building project from light planning to implementation and project control. This enabled us to effectively plan interior development and to implement it efficiently.

The room-acoustic requirements to a phone centre that has to be available to customers around the clock were a special feature in this project.

  • Client ADAC
  • Area 200m²
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2015
Project details

Dekra Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Every tenant development project is unique.

Every result is one of a kind.

Industry-specific requirements are developed and consideration in close cooperation with our customers.

We took care of planning, execution and project management for the new Dekra branch in Stuttgart.

The furnishing colour concept is aligned with Dekra’s green. Light planning was another important part of this interior design.

  • Client Dekra
  • Area 115m²
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2017
Project details

Starbucks Zürich Airport

At the Zürich airport, we took care of project management and execution of the tenant development for the first reserve bar of Starbucks.

The interior development was completed in only four weeks. The result is now presented on an area of 320 m² with a completely new design ad furnishing concept.

The short conversion time and the “Airport” site posed some challenges to our team, of course. Precise logistical planning made it possible to implement the concept in time.

  • Client Starbucks
  • Area 320m²
  • Country Switzerland
  • Year 2017
Project details


Sabine Knaupp

"We felt supported very well even in the early stages of the planning phase. Our wishes to design and customer requirements were implemented outstandingly. The new design concept has a much fresher appearance that our customers love a lot. Execution was extraordinarily on time and precisely according to the plan. We as the builders didn't have to take care of anything at all."

Bungalow GmbH

Uwe Maier

"Our targets were put into practice without deviation. It couldn't have gone any better. Even small rework was completed unbureaucratically and quickly."

ADAC Baden Württemberg

Michael Treuter

"We are very happy. Our long cooperation means that planning and interior development have become very quick and uncomplicated. Both parties know what they need to do. Heikaus knows what we want and what we need. Our conversions have a positive effect on many different areas. Our employees are more comfortable, just as our customers are."

LAGO Shopping-Center Konstanz

Peter Herrmann

“After we have realised our first joint project with HEIKAUS we are happy to look back on a result-oriented working process as well as a partner-like cooperation which we highly appreciate. The next projects with HEIKAUS are already in the pipeline and we are really looking forward to them!”


Aldo Gantenbein

"For us as a customer, the most important thing was that we were understood. With HEIKAUS, this worked very well because the working process is concise, precise and pragmatic."


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