200 m²

After many other ADAC objects, we once again cooperated in interior design, implementation, light planning and project control for this tenant development. The design in the colour range of the ADAC Corporate Colours - white, yellow and grey - comes from Ippolito Fleitz Group.

Weil die Mitarbeiter der Telefonservicezentrale rund um die Uhr für Ihre Kunden erreichbar sind, galt es, spezielle raumakustische Anforderungen zu berücksichtigen. Hier wurde mit Hilfe einer Akustikdecke, Akustikoberflächen in den Möbeln und Akustiktrennwänden zwischen den Arbeitsplätzen auch im Großraumbüro eine ruhige Arbeitsatmosphäre geschaffen.

Innenraum der ADAC Verwaltung

Since the employees in the phone service centre are available to customers around the clock, special room-acoustic requirements had to be considered. An acoustic ceiling, acoustic surfaces in the furnishings and acoustic separating walls between the workplaces created quiet even in the open-plan office.
The light and friendly ambience of the newly designed offices for member support is achieved by installation of 13 large windows in the sheet façade, as well as by the dominant radiant white of the entire interior. Only the brightly yellow supporting columns add some accent colours. The carpet in a mottled dark grey forms a clear, but visually interesting contract to this colour pair. As a special feature, a roof terrace on the same level has been installed, accessible via a single step. It was made of refined Bangkirai wood.