Foodland Zurich

Foodland Zurich
800 m²

Welcome to Zurich Airport!

With an area of approx. 800 m², the Foodland at Zurich Airport invites you to stay in a beautiful and atmospheric ambience. With different suppliers, whether KFC, Greens or the Asia-World with Asian and oriental specialities, there is something for everyone's taste.

The conversion, which started in May 2019, was associated with a number of challenges. Work was carried out in 3 stages in order to maintain operations. The hygiene requirements of the work during ongoing operations had to be met. Likewise, the highest safety standards had to be observed and fulfilled at the "Airport" location.

Another major challenge was posed by the building services engineering in particular. Fast food kitchens are high-performance operations that are also subject to strict official regulations and must meet the latest requirements. Here, investments had to be made in new ventilation, electrical, refrigeration and sanitary installations.