LAGO Shopping Center
350 m²

“Germany’s most attractive shopping centre” welcomes its customers!
Are you looking for a unique shopping experience with a true lake feeling? The LAGO is just the place for you.”

A section of the mall on the LAGO's 1st floor has sported some unique features since August 2019 as well. The escalator to the centre’s upper floor lifts shoppers onto a new level of room design. Customised, impressive and brilliant, the refurbished section of the public area stretches before them with an overwhelming view of the new and imposing ceiling design. This jewel called “the wave!” was implemented in cooperation with “ORB. Atelier für Lichtgestaltung”. The curved ceiling in a deeply black colour, sprinkled with hundreds of stylish LED lamps that hug the wavy surface, makes for an unusual and impressive appearance.

The viewer’s perspective shifts and is set into a fluent motion. The exclusive flooring in this mall area fits harmoniously with the extraordinary ceiling design.
Huge anthracite “Fondovalle” granite tiles seamlessly follow the granite panels. Liquid brass was set in these deeply black tiles in linear, labyrinthine shapes. Long brass rails were installed above the stairwell in a perfectly matching harmony with the elaborate floor design in this section. Recessed LED lamps were unobtrusively placed in them. The result is tasteful, stylish and exclusive!